Monday, April 29, 2013

excited to start a blog!

Looking back at the past year, I cannot believe the number of things that have happened!!
Here's a few:
-May 2012-I graduated with my BSN
-May 2012-Marshall and I moved to Rochester, MN
-June 2012-Became a liscensed RN
-July 2012-Started as an RN on the Trauma/Surgical floor at Mayo Clinic
-September 2012-Marshall started grad school at Winona State
-Septmeber 28, 2012-We got engaged!
-October 2012-Marshall started working in a graduate assistantship at Winona
2012/2013-Marshall worked at Hiawatha Homes, then Fernbrook family center, THEN accepted a position at John Marshall Highschool as a paraprofessional working in a emotional/behavioral highschool classroom. (yay for getting in the Rochester Public School System!)
April 30, 2013-We close on our new home. We're homeowners!!!
July 6, 2013-We'll be married!

Okay, so it's a little over a year but what a crazy and excited last year is has been!
With all these things happening in our lives, I felt it would be appropriate to start a blog about it. I am so excited to see how our house changes and see what exciting things are in the future for us. I've never had a blog before so bare with me here. I'll be learning as I go :] I'm sure my nice brother will help me learn a few tricks, hint hint.

So there you have it, my first blog post, woo!! Feel free to comment, creep, or compliment my wonderful writing skills (obviously kidding). I can't make any promises like "I'll write a post-a-day", but I'll do my best to update it frequently and keep you tuned-in to our busy lives!!